Sales Analytics Software and Key Metrics

Sales Analytics

For leading companies, managing sales performance has evolved from an art to a science. Sales Analytics software solutions enable forward thinking companies to manage sales performance by helping them with territory planning, quota setting, sales plan administration, reporting and dispute management.

Sales Analytics Challenges

Organizations that rely on poor data typically make poor sales performance decisions, and they risk being overtaken by the competition. Today’s sales organizations often face increasing volumes of data from sales force automation and order management technology without the ability to translate that into usable measurements.

Sales Analytics Solutions

CallidusCloud’s robust Reporting and Analytics platform provides the business intelligence you need to make informed, proactive decisions on your sales coverage, goals, coaching, and incentive and commissions strategy, enabling you to adjust your go-to-market strategy through the fiscal period so you can achieve on your sales and financial targets – every time. A 100% SaaS and mobile solution enables you to preempt financial surprises; assess and trend regional, team, and individual selling performance; and perform ad-hoc analysis to determine root causes of performance trends so you can take action and course-correct selling behaviors before they affect your bottom line.

In addition, profile-driven field reports ensure each sales professional has real-time visibility into his or her relative contribution and projected performance, and knows what to take action on to ensure they deliver on their goals.

The Callidus Analytics SaaS solution provides stakeholders with key performance indicators across the sales force and partner channels, providing operational and financial visibility into quarterly and annual selling performance. The solution enables businesses to preempt financial surprises, assess and trend regional, team, and individual selling performance, and perform ad-hoc analysis to determine root causes of performance trends. Organizations can minimize wasted incentive spend, and identify opportunities to introduce incentives to drive revenue faster.