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Big Sales Data Bottom Performing StatesLarge enterprises have incredible amounts of information from their sales transactions that produce terabytes of data annually. However, most companies are unable to do much with that big sales data – although it can be the key to recognizing and responding to emerging developments in sales cycles and markets, they have no way of analyzing it quickly and efficiently.

CallidsCloud’s newest solution combines big data technology with innovative analytics and visualizations to enable real-time exploration of granular sales data. Access to big sales data, and the ability to analyze it, will revolutionize sales and channel decision-making.

Thunderbridge – Big Sales Data Solutions

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  • Use our big data technology combined with visualization reporting to help you understand and see your sales analytics data like never before
  • Process granular levels of data and identify patterns and trends previously masked
  • Bring data to life with visual patterns that will help you analyze, predict and support critical sales resource decisions



Thunderbridge for Insurance

Big Sales Data Campaign EffectivenessWith visual representations of the data in your organization you can:

  • Get a complete picture of your business including billing history, policy administration, producer information, claims data and customer interactions with visual reports
  • Create dashboards to uncover specific attributes and actions that correlate successful producers
  • Improve bundling of additional products from internal and third party carriers with insight into previous performance
  • Identify actions and attributes that improve retention and persistency

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Thunderbridge for Telecommunications

With access to big sales data in your organization you can:

  • Understand huge volumes of information around customer billing, commerce activity, territory alignment, sales targets, subscriber demographics and channel information
  • Create dashboards to understand what attributes or actions lead to customer cancelation to reduce churn
  • Understand when to bundle or upgrade offers
  • Get insight into product penetration and return on marketing spend

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 CallidusCloud Thunderbridge ensures the easy accessibility of ‘big sales data’, which can be analyzed and molded into effective insights for revolutionizing sales and channel decision-making processes.