CallidusCloud Workflow Software and Bug Tracking


Manage business processes in the cloud down to individual tasks to ensure successful outcomes.

Enforce consistent and repeatable business processes to ensure all issues are resolved as efficiently as possible.

With CallidusCloud WorkFlow:

  • Use pre-defined business processes, or try an easy drag-and-drop interface to create your own
  • Accelerate task completion with a built-in rules engine
  • Collaborate with structured processes or less formal social collaboration

Business Processes

Track individual tasks through electronic communications and collaboration. Ensure that every internal and external customer gets the same quality service each and every time.

Enforce consistent and repeatable business processes to ensure all issues are resolved as efficiently as possible.

  • Predictability gives your employees and customers confidence in your business
  • Accountability gives your employees incentive to strive for results
  • Insight into your organization improves processes and identification of problems and solutions
  • Built-in features include Issue Tracking and Resolution, RMAs, New Feature Development, Idea Crowdsourcing and Collaborative Selling
  • CallidusCloud WorkFlow comes with a pre-programmed enforceable business process and an intuitive setup wizard

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Automated Business Rules

Take the complexity out of sorting incoming information and assigning tasks with automation.

Simplify how you sort incoming information and assign tasks with automated reminders, rules, process and notifications.

  • Automate assignment rules, notifications, reminders, escalations, and service level agreements
  • Prioritize intelligently
  • Base decisions on business rules rather than subjectivity
  • Accelerate decision-making

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Customer Engagement

Use unprecedented collaboration capabilities and transparency in customer interactions.

Allow your customers, prospects, colleagues and partners to engage with you from virtually anywhere through email, web or social media.

  • Turn initial requests into conversations
  • Turn conversations into meaningful relationships
  • Turn customers into advocates
  • Engage with your customers, partners and prospects from virtually anywhere, including

    by email, social media or instant messaging

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