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Incentive Compensation – Commissions

CallidusCloud automates sales compensation for leading companies worldwide. CallidusCloud customers processed over $880 billion dollars of revenue, up 22% from a year ago, whilst paying 9% less commissions in 2013.

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Companies using best-in-class sales compensation management tools:

  • Outperform other firms in sales quota achievement
  • Accelerate top line growth and achieve wider margins
  • Drive sales performance by connecting core competencies to technology enablers

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Relationships, Hierarchies and Flexibility

Apply credit for a sale to multiple levels and organizations, including channel partners. Get an accurate picture of your top contributors to sales so you can apply compensation fairly.

Get a high-level view of relationships among your organization, your company and your partners.

  • Easily apply modular rules-based elements like rates and thresholds
  • Apply timestamps to every change for organization and tracking
  • Double performance through proper sale attribution

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Modeling and Simulation

Model the top line and bottom line impact of sales, coverage, and incentive scenarios; and rapidly apply the optimal strategy and ensure accurate cash allocation.

Model the impact of different compensation elements in your production environment to be sure of their efficacy before deploying them to the field.

  • Easily define models to simulate changes in compensation plans, rates, rules, quotas, and territories
  • Run models based on historical, simulated, or projected data in your production environment
  • Visualize and compare models to forecast payouts and assess impact on top and bottom performers
  • Route models through approvals before promoting to production in a single click

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Reporting and Analytics

Gain actionable insight into sales and sales channel performance anytime, anywhere. Uncover sales trends and fact-based indicators in real time to help optimize your global go-to-market for breakthrough sales performance.

Gain actionable insight into sales and sales channel performance to help optimize your global go-to-market for breakthrough sales performance.

  • Uncover performance data insights with easy-to-use reporting tools for better business decisions
  • Get real-time status at a glance using dashboards that display your key performance indicators
  • Quickly build your own reports with our intuitive drag and drop ad-hoc reporting tool
  • Take advantage of prepackaged security, workflow, compensation reports, and sales analytics by role

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Discretionary Rewards

Drive business execution with collaborative rewards across your extended selling network. Quickly and easily deploy bonus, stock, and merit-based rewards programs to drive the behaviors that align with corporate strategy.

Quickly and easily deploy bonus, stock, and merit-based rewards programs across the sales and partner network.

  • Intelligently calculate top level bonus reward pools based on configurable rules like team attainment and corporate profitability
  • Quickly distribute top level reward pools to managers for allocation to team members based on performance
  • Gain real-time visibility into total compensation with up-to-date reporting into bonus and reward allocations across regions and teams

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Approvals and Workflow

Streamline communication with sales teams to improve productivity and avoid lengthy dispute resolution processes. Save time with flexible, detailed queries.

Streamline communication with sales teams to improve productivity and avoid lengthy dispute resolution processes. Save time with flexible, detailed queries.

  • Define workflow templates that include standard approval processes
  • Rapidly generate personalized plan documents and spiffs, distribute for review, and gain acceptance in minutes
  • Collaborate with the field with out-of-the-box support for filing, tracking, and resolving disputes and any sales operations inquiries
  • Ensure compliance with comprehensive workflow management for sales sign-off, inquiry routing, approvals, and integrated incentive processing

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Set sales quotas using a self-service collaboration platform for quota allocation and team-based distribution, and gain real time visibility into quota attainment.

Set sales quotas using a self-service collaboration and gain real-time visibility into quota attainment.

  • Automate and accelerate the quota setting, adjustments and approvals using built in workflow
  • Allocate quotas based on allocation rules, with built- in assignment and variance rules
  • Gain real-time attainment visibility and react in real time to achieve top results and boost overall quota attainment

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Intuitively design, optimize, assign and manage territories based on opportunity, workload, account information, and geography. Gain alignment between potential and sales capacity to maximize sales revenue.

Intuitively assign and manage territories based on opportunity, workload and geography. Align sales potential and sales capacity to maximize revenue.

  • Define and manage sales territories based on products, accounts, geography, or any complex user defined criteria using an intuitive territory builder interface
  • Define flexible rules to calculate credits to team members automatically
  • Gain an accurate view of territory performance
  • Fine tune sales strategies to changing market conditions

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Management by Objectives

Drive Execution of Strategic Goals and Objectives for Superior Business Alignment

Sales Objectives

Using Objective Management, compensation professionals can:

  • Centralize management for corporate, team, and individual objectives, goals, and MBOs
  • Track objective alignment across departments, teams, and managers
  • Leverage quantitative, data-driven objectives as part of an integrated strategic objective program
  • Motivate and reward employees based on both cash and non-cash rewards
  • Process bonus payments, complete with audit trail

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Sales Gamification

Drive sales people to adopt the behaviors, training and tools critical to their success.

Display the performance of your entire sales team for transparency and to drive competition while encouraging shared team goals.

  • Transforms work tasks from obligations into compelling missions
  • The recognition of being the best surpass the cash incentive among top sales professionals.
  • An effective, balanced incentive regime mixes traditional cash centric regimes with a strong non-cash element derived from a structured game that builds points over a timescale appropriate for sales cycle

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Product Key Features:

  • Support for managing document templates and versions
  • Pre-packaged, re-usable plan documents in conjunction with packaged plan components in Commissions for quicker deployment and time to value
  • Comprehensive workflow management for sales sign-off, inquiry routing, and approvals
  • Out-of-the-box support for filing, tracking, and resolving disputes and inquiries
  • Support for held payments based on sales approval compliance

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